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Sewage woes cause problems at high school
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Warren County High School let some students out early yesterday when toilets backed up in the downstairs bathrooms next to the cafeteria.WCHS principal Anthony Cassell said the condition is temporary, but since the cafeteria drains were affected and lunch could not be served, it was decided to let students who drive check out early.“We were notified about a half hour before lunch there was a strong odor in one of our downstairs restrooms,” said Cassell. “We had some drains that were backing up a little bit, clear water, but it affected the use of our kitchen facility so we postponed lunch for about an hour. We pushed kids to fifth period that usually go to lunch after fourth in hopes we could rectify the situation, clean up, be ready to go for our kids.”But the backup of sewage turned out to be a little more involved and maintenance had to be called.“When it was determined the issue might take a little longer than anticipated we went ahead and made the decision, in the best interest of the kids, to go ahead and dismiss the kids who drive.