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Several county roads need names
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Along with what to name the new four-lane to Woodbury, county commissioners must determine what to call three new road segments created to connect the new road to the old.
Under consideration are Airport Road, Holder Lane, and an extension of Nashville Highway.
Emergency 911 director Chuck Haston was unable to attend Tuesday’s Highway and Bridge Committee meeting to consider an official name for new Highway 70. However, he sent a letter informing members the three segments of road will also need names.
Districts use a system of addressing called the Universal Addressing System, a statewide system enacted by the Tennessee Legislature whereby addresses are assigned based on odometer readings.
“This method allows fire, EMS, and law enforcement to quickly locate addresses in the event of an emergency,” said Haston. “For example, if a structure fire was reported at 1500 Old Well Road, the fire department would know this address is 1.5 miles after turning onto Old Well Road from Manchester Highway.”
Along with names for the old two-lane highway and the new four-lane highway, Haston requested names for the following segments:
The segment of existing Nashville Highway (old road) that connects to New Highway 70 across from Spring Valley Road intersection with existing house numbers beginning with 3620 and ending with 4187 at the airport property. It is understood when the airport extends the runway the roadway beyond number 3907 will not exit – Airport Road.
The segment now identified as the Airport Connector Road. It is recommended the new segment referred to as Airport Connector Road be added to the remaining segment of Nashville Highway that continues to the Cannon County line, as it curves directly into the old highway 70S and provides access from new Highway 70S – an extension of Nashville Highway.
The segment of C Rhody Road south of the new Highway 70 that begins near the airport property – Holder Lane.
During Tuesday’s meeting, commissioners made suggestions.
“How about Airport Road,” said Gary Prater. “We have an Airport Lake Road, but not an Airport Road.”
Randy England added, “I thought we already had an Airport Road. If we don’t, that’s good. I like that.”
Prater suggested going with the recommendation from Haston for naming the second road.
“I suggest we just make that part of Nashville Highway,” he said. “It’s an extension.”
The third road garnered the most discussion.
England questioned, “Who has lived there the longest? There aren’t but three houses there, right?”
“The Whitlocks,” said Prater. “There is one on the very end and the Holders are on the left about middle ways.”
England asked Road Superintendent Levie Glenn if a “Whitlock Road” already exists and one does.
“Do we have a Holder Lane,” said Prater.
While a Holder Road exists, a Holder Lane does not.
No final decisions were made on naming the three segments. The next meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday, Feb. 10, at 4 p.m. at the Highway Department.