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School year approaches
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While many students are dreading the first day of school, some are like WCHS executive principal Tony Cassel and are excited for it to arrive.
With the new year will come many changes for WCHS students, who will now have seven classes per day instead of six. Cassel said this will give students more chances to earn the credits required to graduate.
“Students must have 22 credits to graduate,” said Cassel. “With six class periods per day, students had 24 opportunities to receive 22 credits. That placed some kids behind the eight ball. Now, students will have 28 opportunities to get their 22 credits in order to graduate.”
The extra classes will allow students to take more elective classes.
“This allows the opportunity for kids to take classes that interest them, not just classes they must have to fulfill graduation requirements,” said Cassel. “We will have choir, creative writing, and drama this year. These have not been offered in a while. We have around 55 students signed up for choir. These types of classes make more well-rounded students.”
Spanish III is offered for the first time. Cassel said many universities like to see students with more than two years of a foreign language.
A certified nursing assistant class is being offered through Tennessee Technology Center. A Mechatronics class will be taught with help from Motlow. This is hands-on training in electronics, mechanics and computers.
Some guidance counselors have also changed. In years past, guidance counselors were assigned an entire class.
Dr. Keri McGiboney was the senior guidance counselor last year. This year, she will be the guidance counselor for students whose last names begin A-E.
Marisa Young will be the guidance counselor for students with last names beginning F-L.
Students with last names beginning M-Ri will have Stacy Smith as their guidance counselor and students whose last names begin Ro-Z will be assigned Kathy Ewton as their guidance counselor.
Cassel said the reason behind the change is, “It makes it easier for counselors to follow the kids for four years. They can keep up with the students’ academic records and make sure the kids stay on track by having the same students four years in a row.”
Rumors have been circulating stating students will no longer be able to pick their own lockers and parking spots near their friends. Cassel said those rumors are false. Students will be able to pick lockers and parking spots as they always have.
All high students will register at WCHS and should enter the building through the gym lobby.
If you are unable to attend registration, system-wide registration is Tuesday, Aug. 7 from 7:45 to 9:45 a.m. Enter through the front of building to the main lobby on Aug. 7
The first official full day of school is Thursday, Aug 9.