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School utility bills continue to plummet
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If a penny saved is a penny earned, the Warren County School System has climbed into a high income bracket by reducing its utility costs by over $200,000 the past three years.
Word of a third straight year of savings came during the recent meeting of the Board of Education where it was learned Warren County Schools cut their electricity consumption by $12,570 during 2013-14 over the previous year, which had also seen a reduction.
According to Director of Schools Bobby Cox, electricity wasn’t the only thing the school system was saving as the gas bill was reduced by $7,650 from the year before. The biggest savings came with water and sewer as the local system saved $25,478.
Cox said there isn’t a magic wand school officials are waving. Instead it’s attention to detail such as turning off lights, stopping leaks and watching heating and cooling.
“Most of these savings have come by behavior changes,” Cox said. “It’s teachers, staff and students doing the right thing."
This is a total team effort.”
School Board member Bill Zechman pointed out the recent news means there has been three straight years of savings. With more economical lighting systems and air systems being placed in some of the schools, he hopes the savings will continue. The continued reduction, especially in electricity and gas is doubly impressive, Zechman said, given the weather.
“This was especially good with the cold weather we had last winter,” Zechman said.