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School report card shows academic gains
Warren County makes strides in achievement
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Warren County has made the honor roll when it comes to the academic achievement of its students.The 2013 Warren County Schools Report Card, released last week, revealed the system received all A’s and B’s in the areas of achievement and value-added growth.“I am extremely happy and encouraged with the marks we received this year on our report card,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “As a district we received all A’s and B’s in the areas of achievement and value-added growth, and improved or maintained our status from last year in all subject areas across the board in achievement.”The report card is a measuring stick for individual school systems to see how they are doing in comparison to other schools across the state and when stacked up against state benchmarks.“We think it’s important for parents and students, as well as school and district leaders, to know how well their schools are doing each year,” said Kevin Huffman, Tennessee Education Commissioner.Cox said the release of the report card shows Warren County is traveling down the right road when it comes to better education.“We still have some challenges to overcome but our school system is doing the right work and we are moving our students in the right direction,” Cox said, praising both parents and teachers for their help in improving education. Some of the highlights include:• Centertown, Dibrell, Eastside, West Elementary and Warren County High School met all Accountability Achievement goals for 2013.• Warren County’s graduation rate was above the state average.• Warren County scored above the state average for achievement in science and at the state average for social studies.• Warren County scored above the state average in growth in the areas of reading and social studies.• Warren County was deemed part of the state’s Safe Schools.Cox pointed out there remains areas of challenge as noted in the report card.