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School bus safety
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School buses are on the road again in Warren County as children made their way back to class yesterday.
Durham School Service, which is entering its second year operating the school system’s bus service, is looking forward to a safe 2012-13.
“According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, school buses are the safest way for students to travel,” said Brian Riley, general manager of Durham. “But everyone plays a role in helping children ride to school safely.”
Durham would like to remind parents of these important safety tips:
• Children should get plenty of rest so they won’t fall asleep on the bus.
• Have your child at the bus stop on time. Running after a bus is dangerous.
• Remind kids to stay out of the “danger zone” by keeping 10 giant steps away from the bus at all times so the driver can see them.
• Children's clothing and backpacks should not have long ties or straps that could get caught when climbing on or off the bus.
• Kids should never put their head, arms or anything else out the bus windows.
• Students should cross in front of the bus crossing gate where the driver can see them.
• Caution children to stay on the sidewalk and be alert when walking.
• Make sure your kindergartner or first-grader knows their address. This helps in cases where they board the wrong bus the first few days of school.
Also, Durham encourages motorists to use extra caution around school buses and stops, and never pass a school bus with its stop arm extended and lights flashing.
“We look forward to a great school year, and appreciate the community joining us in our commitment to the highest level of student safety,” said Riley.
More school bus safety information is available at