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School Board modifies drug policy to include cellphones
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With the advance in technology helping drug dealers peddle illegal narcotics on school grounds, the Warren County School Board has stiffened its policy when it comes to even discussing a drug transaction on campus.“Back when our policy was first adopted, there wasn’t even a consideration of cellphones,” said School Board member Bill Zechman of why the drug policy has been modified.The addition to the school system’s drug policy, which has passed unanimously, targets text messages concerning drug sales. Prior to the new policy being approved, students could be subject to the zero tolerance policy, meaning possible expulsion from school for one calendar year, if they were caught in possession of drugs, or were caught using drugs, on campus.The new policy can now bring the same punishment if students are caught texting offers either to buy or sell drugs while on school property. The rule would extend not only to regular school hours, but also during any school function such as ball games and extracurricular activities.“This goes to intent,” Zechman said, noting the mere plan or intent to sell drugs will bring punishment on the student if he or she is caught.It is presently against school policy for students to use cellphones during regular school hours.