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Santa Paws adopts 20 pets
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Thanks to the Santa Paws Pet Adoption Day held last Saturday at Three Star Mall, 10 dogs and 10 cats have a new home this Christmas.
The event raised approximately $1,328 to be divided between the Warren County Animal Shelter, Kastaway Kitties/ Sad Eyes Urgent Rescue and Viola Valley Dogs.
One of those dogs has been named Arie and will live with Carolyn Ashburn at Spangler Towers.
“They let us have one pet,” said Ashburn. “I have named her after my mother. She is certainly going to be spoiled and will gets lots of loving.”
Arie seemed very happy to be going home with her new mom as she showered her with kisses which were being reciprocated by Ashburn.
One animal who seemed to be having a good time at the event was “Miracle” Baylie, a dog who survived being shot. Baylie has been recovering at Dr. Young’s Sparta Street Veterinary Clinic. Penny Wanamaker works at Young’s office and accompanied Baylie to the event.
“Baylie is very sweet. We all love her very much,” said Wanamaker. “I think she would go with anybody. We are trying to find her a good home but honestly, she might just stay with us at the clinic. We all love her.”
Jessica Johannsen adopted two puppies that had been abandoned that very morning by Frank G. Clement Bridge. Linda Coursey, director of Viola Valley Dogs sent the puppies home with Johannsen who already has three other dogs at her house.
 “I’m not sure we will keep these. I want to find them a good home,” said Johannsen.
Jamie Wheeler of Kastaway Kitties/ Sad Eyes Urgent Rescue said, “I want everyone to know we will be following through on all adoptions to make sure animals will be spayed and neutered. They have 30 days to get their dog or cat fixed if it is old enough.”
Funds were raised through donations, a silent auction, and a bake sale which included human as well as pet treats. Pets entertained guests with a special fashion show.
Wheeler said she is planning another adoption day for the spring.
“We have to have a spring event. That is when all the baby kittens will be born. I would like to have three or four adoption days a year as long as the county agrees to it,” said Wheeler.