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Rough weather results in bad Friday
A metal building on the property of H&H Auction on Sparta Highway was completely destroyed Friday.

Josh Hillis didn’t expect his metal workshop at H&H Auction to be completely destroyed by high winds Friday night.
“They called me and said I had a little wind damage,” said Hillis. “Yeah, I’d say this is a little wind damage for sure.”
A 30-by-50 metal workshop at H&H Auction on Sparta Highway was ripped to pieces by the storm, which struck at its fiercest Friday around 6:45 p.m. Hillis said he used the building as a garage and for mechanical work.
“I don’t know if I should start cleaning this up or wait for an insurance adjuster to get here,” said Hillis among the debris Saturday morning.
Next door at Sparta Road Veterinary Clinic, a portion of the roof over the office area was blown away. Some water damage was sustained as pounding rain flooded the office. A temporary roof was in place Saturday morning with hopes of having a permanent roof installed by the end of the weekend.
According to McMinnville Water Department, which keeps official rain records, the storm left 1.35 inches of rain. But 1 inch of that was left in just 10 minutes from 6:45 to 6:55 p.m.
The storm resulted in power outages in the Yager Road/ Short Mountain area, according to Caney Fork Electric general manager Bill Rogers. He said a main circuit went out at the Newtown substation which left an estimated 1,500 customers without power.
Rogers said a tree fell across a power line in the Falcon Manor area which resulted in more customers without power.
“Our crews that were on call worked all night and some are still working this morning,” Rogers said Saturday. He expected all power to be restored Saturday.
Several large trees were uprooted at Falcon Manor but disaster was averted.
"Everything fell in the right place," said Falcon Manor owner Charlien McGlothin. "The mansion is fine, the people are fine, even our statues are fine. We've just got to get this all cleaned up but we're still open. We're going to be open for our Easter Sunday buffet."
The Falcon Manor grounds were a mess Saturday afternoon with trees scattered around the yard like toys.
"If someone wants to come over and have a chainsaw party that would be fine with us," said McGlothin.
Across the street, James Zahn was on his front porch talking on his phone when a tree from the Falcon Manor property came crashing into his front yard.
"It happened so fast and then it was over," said Zahn. "People have asked me why I didn't get out of the way, well I couldn't get out of the way. It happened and then it was over just like that. I'm thankful it didn't hit me or damage my roof."
Zahn said he was on the phone with a friend planning to carpool together to a half-marathon Saturday morning. He skipped the race and spent the time cleaning up his yard.
Around town, high winds knocked out three traffic signals at the intersection by Village. Public Works employees were on the scene Friday night battling the wind and rain to get two of the traffic signals operational again.
The tall Krystal sign at Plaza Shopping Center was hit by the storm with one side of it blown away. Krystal employees were able to retrieve the sign and bring it back to the restaurant.
Trees obstructed the road on Winding Way and Red Road, but they were quickly cleared so as not to impede traffic.
While briefly bearing its teeth, Friday’s storm was short-lived. Easter Sunday is expected to bring clear skies and high temperatures in the 60s, according to the AccuWeather forecast.