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Rough weather results in bad Friday
A metal building on the property of H&H Auction on Sparta Highway was completely destroyed Friday.
Josh Hillis didn’t expect his metal workshop at H&H Auction to be completely destroyed by high winds Friday night.“They called me and said I had a little wind damage,” said Hillis. “Yeah, I’d say this is a little wind damage for sure.”A 30-by-50 metal workshop at H&H Auction on Sparta Highway was ripped to pieces by the storm, which struck at its fiercest Friday around 6:45 p.m. Hillis said he used the building as a garage and for mechanical work.“I don’t know if I should start cleaning this up or wait for an insurance adjuster to get here,” said Hillis among the debris Saturday morning.Next door at Sparta Road Veterinary Clinic, a portion of the roof over the office area was blown away. Some water damage was sustained as pounding rain flooded the office.