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Rewiring work complete at Magness Library
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Work is complete at Magness Library. The building has been rewired from top to bottom to update the electrical integrity of the building.
“We had all the old wiring replaced and removed,” said library board member Rachel Killebrew. “Many buildings downtown have added wiring but they did not remove the old wiring which adds confusion and can be dangerous. Our goal was to protect the library. We have already lost some downtown buildings due to fire.”
Along with removing the old wiring, every outlet and switch was replaced and labeled to help with future electrical work, and every antique lighting fixture was rewired before being re-hung.
“I’m so glad we decided to redo all the antique fixtures,” said Killebrew.
Before work began, plans were drawn up to address any needs the library had when it came to positioning of lighting, switches, outlets, and ways to reduce the cost of electricity.
Plans resulted in the addition of fluorescent lights without ballasts, which are safer for the building and use less electricity.
“We still have the antique lights, but there are two switches on the wall — one for the antique lights when a better atmosphere is needed and one for the fluorescent lights,” said Killebrew. “We also included more plugs in the rooms to add more versatility to the uses of each room.”
Killebrew says many more ideas were implemented during the work to offer savings in electrical bills, offer safety from fires, and provide longevity before the next major electrical work needs to be done.
“All this work sounds extensive, but it was the right thing to do for the life of the beautiful library building,” she added.
Main Street McMinnville Design Committee members, of which Killebrew is also affiliated, plans to offer a commemorative program again this year to generate funds to provide grants so other downtown property owners can receive professional electrical assessments of their buildings at a reduced price.
The commemorative program offers commemorative bricks, historic stone markers, bench plaques, tree plaques and light pole plaques as a way to honor or remember someone, while generating funds for improvements to the downtown area and its buildings.
For more information about the Design Committee, contact Main Street McMinnville at 506-5335. Magness Library can be reached at 473-2428.