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Retired teachers honored at dinner
Honored for their service to the Warren County school system upon their retirement were, front row from left, Denise Adcock, Kathie McGee, Janice Boyd, Bonnie Drake, Nancy Garrison and Martha Kirby; second row, Joyce Mayfield, Lynn Ayers, Donald Miller, Sherry Trottman and presenter, Director of Schools Bobby Cox.
The Warren County Board of Education honored its 20 retiring school system employees Thursday evening with a country club dinner and high praise from their boss.“You don’t say thank you enough,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox before presenting plaques to the 12 retirees who attended the dinner.Cox noted that those who are retiring, some serving over 40 years, helped shape the lives of many students they came in contact with.“You sowed the seeds,” Cox noted. “When they grow up, we hope they will continue the path.”Cox pointed out that by touching one student’s life, those working in the school system will indirectly affect the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people.“One day at a time, one child at a time – we can change the world,” Cox said, noting he expects the retirees to continue their service to the youth even after they are gone from the school system.The Class of 2015 retirees includes Denise Adcock, 15 years; Lynn Ayers, 44 years; Sandra Bell, 21 years; Janice Boyd, 35 years; Marilyn Cunningham, 22 years; Bonnie Drake, 33 years; Nancy Garrison, 30 years; Martha Kirby, 39 years; Joyce Mayfield, eight years; Joe McCormick, 15 years; Kathie McGee, 29 years; Larry McIntosh, 16 years; Donald Miller, 40 years; Annette Robertson, 25 years; Faye Smith, five years; Jana Sparboe, 30 years; Juanita Taylor, 23 years; Sherry Trottman, 30 years; Debra Wilson, 31 years and Dianna Zadeh, 44 years.