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Recycling grant under pursuit
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McMinnville officials have given a tentative OK for Main Street McMinnville to pursue a grant for the placement of recycling receptacles in the historic district and city-owned parks and property.“Main Street is looking into a grant and they need a letter of endorsement from the city that it’s OK to place recycling receptacles,” said Mayor Jimmy Haley. “As I understand it, they are trying to match the garbage cans we’ve already got and they will be strategically placed in the historic district, at the Farmers Market, and maybe outside the historic district at the Civic Center, Riverfront Park and Pepper Branch Park.”Haley says the grant could pay for up to 12 recycling receptacles to hold plastic, aluminum and glass and the city would not be burdened. “They, supposedly, aren’t going to put any burden on the city to do anything extra,” he said.