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Ready for liftoff
Rocket project fuels creativity
Brent Moore and Abbi Campbell work on placing clay at the top of their two-liter bottle that will take flight as a rocket when it's filled with water and compressed air.
Bobby Ray students had a chance to launch themselves into a new level of learning last week.A science fair at the school gave them the opportunity to build a rocket and see how high it could soar.“There’s YSI, but other than that there are not a lot of enrichment activities here over the summer,” said Bobby Ray fifth-grade teacher Travis Martin, who organized the science fair. “Instead of complaining about it, I decided to do something about it.”Martin utilized the services of Billy Hicks, a former NASA engineer and former professor at Motlow. Hicks taught the students the best way to build a rocket from an ordinary two-liter bottle then watched them work.“Mass always leads,” said Hicks in telling students they needed to put most of the weight at the top of their rocket.To illustrate his point, Hicks balanced a broom in the palm of his hand.