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Ralph to continue working double duty
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Since the resignation of part-time custodian Tammy Boyd at the courthouse, Administrative Building custodian Billy Ralph has been cleaning both the Administrative Building and the courthouse.
Last month, county Building and Grounds Committee members voted to allow Ralph to clean both buildings for four weeks and then the committee would analyze the cost of his salary versus the cost when two employees were being paid for the jobs. Committee members would also consider if the job was being done up to par.
During the weeks from July 9 to July 30, Ralph logged 45.5 overtime hours, 43 of which were hours spent cleaning the courthouse.
Ralph receives time and a half which is $12 per hour for overtime pay. This means he collected $516 in overtime pay for that four-week period.
Boyd would have worked 114 hours in that same period of time at $9.86 per hour. All county employees were off on election day. She would have collected $1124.04 during those four weeks.
Ralph working both jobs saved the county $608.04 in July.
Commissioner Carl Bouldin asked Ralph how he felt about working both jobs.
“Well, I haven’t had any major problems. It’s been hectic with court going on here (at the administrative building), but to me the courthouse looks better than it did when I started,” said Ralph. “I know I have vacuumed some things, cleaned some floors and dusted some things at the courthouse that had not been done in a long time.”
Said Drug Court director Brad Price, “I’m up there every day, and I can say it’s much cleaner than it has been in a long time. But, there’s only so much you can do for that facility. It’s run down. It’s pitiful. But, I think he’s doing the best he can do with what he’s got.”
Commissioner Michael Martin made a motion for the job to be bid out and to be done at night. But Bouldin said courthouse employees prefer daytime cleaning.
“I have asked the people at the courthouse what their preference is,” said Bouldin. “I haven’t had a single person yet to tell me they didn’t want someone during the day time. They want someone to clean during the day time because of the different things that happen at the courthouse when those prisoners are up there.”
Martin did not receive a second to his motion. The committee members decided to allow Ralph to continue cleaning both buildings for the next month and they will re-visit the issue at their next meeting.