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Ralph picks up courthouse custodian duties
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Warren County Administrative Building custodian Billy Ralph has been cleaning both the administrative building and the courthouse since part-time courthouse custodian Tammy Boyd resigned with one day’s notice at the end of June. Ralph is now cleaning the courthouse in addition to his regular duties.
It was only a month ago, county commissioners were concerned with the high number of overtime hours Ralph had logged due to his cleaning and buffing floors at the Health Department.
Ralph said he only worked five hours of overtime during the week of July 2. It was pointed out court was not in session every day that week because of July 4 and therefore the courthouse most likely was easier to clean during that week than normal.
Commissioners on the county’s Building and Grounds Committee voiced concerns with the possibility of Ralph being able to continue doing both jobs. “I don’t want this building here to suffer at all as far as the cleanliness of it and things that need to be done and I don’t want the courthouse to suffer,” said committee chairman Carl Bouldin.
 “If he can do both buildings and do them satisfactorily then I don’t have a problem with him doing both buildings. If he can’t do both and keep them up like they are suppose to be, then we will have to do something else,” said Bouldin.
Michael Martin doubts Ralph will be able to keep up both jobs. “He can’t do both jobs. He is usually at the administrative building eight hours a day. He is cutting his hours here to work there. He won’t be able to keep both buildings going,” said Martin.
The members voted to allow Ralph to continue cleaning both buildings for one month, until their next meeting, at which time they will look at his overtime sheets, will determine if he is doing a good job cleaning both, and will ask him if he feels like he will be able to maintain both buildings.
Commissioner Dwight O’Neal said he thinks the custodian at the courthouse should clean at night when no one is in the building. He was reminded that the custodian at the courthouse cleans during the day because someone at the courthouse asked them to. During the day, people get nervous going to and from court and tend to throw up, which requires immediate attention.
Members of the Building and Grounds committee present at the meeting were Bouldin, Clinton Hill, Martin and O’Neal. Bessie Smithson was absent.