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Raises proposed at Animal Control
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Health and Welfare Committee members approved Warren County Animal Control’s proposed 2012-13 fiscal year budget Tuesday night, but a bite may come from the Budget and Finance Committee.“I think that’s going to be a hard sell,” said Commissioner Blaine Wilcher, referring to pay raises for the two Animal Control employees.To the statement, Commissioner Sally Brock added, “The bottom line is lower than it was last year. Maybe they will take that into consideration.”Members were reviewing a proposed budget presented by Animal Control interim director Tammy Webb. Without salaries, the budget totaled $43,201, a $785 increase from last year.Committee members approved the budget unanimously, with Commissioners Brock, Wilcher, Teddy Boyd, Billy Earl Jones and Diane Starkey voting in favor of it.The problem lies in what was left out of the budget — salaries.