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Poskevich takes aim at Senate
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Zach Poskevich is looking to unseat U.S. Sen. Bob Corker in the Aug. 2 Republican Primary.
During a recent campaign stop in McMinnville where he talked to residents in front of Warren County Courthouse, Poskevich was critical of Corker and his voting record.
“He votes 61 percent of the time with Obama and that’s not being loyal to the residents of Tennessee,” Poskevich said.
Poskevich also pointed out Corker is a member of the Senate’s Banking Committee. Yet he said Corker receives a large part of his campaign contributions from banks.
“Lots of his money comes from the banking industry. In fact JPMorgan/Chase is one of Corker’s very heavy contributors,” said Poskevich. “But if you ask people about that, 100 percent of the time they will say that’s a conflict of interest. Yet Bob Corker accepts money from them.”
It’s because of that outside money, Poskevich believes the Tennessee General Assembly should elect the state’s members of the U.S. Senate.
“We all gripe about money in politics influencing people’s votes,” said Poskevich. “Look at all that money that goes into Corker’s campaign from other states.”
Poskevich says the federal government lacks fiscal discipline. As evidence, he says there has been vote after vote to raise the debt ceiling. He also says there has been money squandered with bailout programs like Cash For Clunkers.
Poskevich also doesn’t understand why the U.S. government continues to do so much business with other countries.
“Why we would buy food, even dog food, from China is a mystery,” said Poskevich. “What we’re doing is beyond me and it’s because we don’t have people in the House or Senate with courage.”
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