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Police department lease to get amended
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A new lease between the city and the owners of Red Road Business Park for housing McMinnville Police Department will be less new than originally assumed.
Mayor Jimmy Haley informed the Safety Committee on Tuesday night the owners of the business want to amend the existing lease and not write a new lease.
“Mr. David Hill wanted me to draft a letter in regard to the conversations we have had and the agreements we reached,” said Haley. “From what I understand from Mr. Hill, they do not want a new lease agreement. Basically, they want an amendment made.”
In the letter, Haley outlined the changes that will be made to the contract:
• The city will leave the property in rent-ready condition and leave any upgrades made to the property intact, including the fence around the parking lot.
• The city agrees to make reasonable repairs to the roof over the leased space, which was in the original agreement, but the city has failed to do.
• Rent will be $3,500 a month beginning in August 2013.
• The lease will be three years, with either party allowed to terminate by giving the other a 180-day written notice.
All other aspects of the original lease agreement will remain as they were.
Haley says once the letter outlining the changes to be made is signed by him and received by the business owners, they will draft the amendments to be added to the contract.
“Do I have the committee’s permission to sign this letter,” said Haley.
Safety Committee members Jimmy Bonner, Mike Neal and Rick Barnes unanimously agreed.
“I do have a question,” said Barnes. “Why not a new lease agreement? What’s the difference between a new one and making amendments to the original?”
Haley replied, “I don’t know. That’s just what they want to do.”
While Haley was allowed to sign the letter in committee, the amended lease agreement must be presented to the full board for its consideration.
Ricky Minton and Billy Wood are the other two owners of Red Road Business Park.