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Pease caught on video camera
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A man caught on camera trying to hide drugs from a state trooper has been charged with tampering with evidence.
The man, Jess Prince Pease Jr., 38, is charged with possession of drugs, tampering with evidence, and speeding.
He was hit with the charges after Highway Patrolman Al Seitner pulled him over doing 72 mph in a 55 mph zone on West Green Hill Road. During the stop, Seitner was granted permission to search his vehicle at which time the trooper noticed the man acting suspiciously.
“Mr. Pease turned his body away from me and removed some pills from his left front pocket and placed them in his pants,” Seitner said in his citation against Pease, noting the suspect was apparently unaware he was caught on video. “He was in front of my patrol car and it is all on tape.”
In addition to video evidence, the trooper reported finding one of the pills on the ground in front of his patrol car near where Pease was standing.
“Mr. Pease was trying to hide the pills from me,” Seitner said, noting the pills are believed to be Alprazolam which is used to reduce anxiety.