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Paul's Clinic awarded $22,400 in grants
Since its inception, 5,514 surgeries have been performed at Pauls Clinic on Old Nashville Highway. A van has been donated to the clinic and plans are to spay or neuter pets from surrounding counties.

Paul’s Clinic was recently awarded four grants: The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee - $10,000, The Bissell Pet Foundation - $7,500, The State of Tennessee Animal Friendly Grant- $2,500 and The Onyx and Breezy Foundation - $2,400.  All these grants are to subsidize the cost of spay/neuter surgeries for pets residing in low-income households. 
The organization still has funds remaining in a grant that is specifically for pit bulls and pit mixes. That grant was awarded by Pit Bull Rescue Central. Paul’s Clinic charges a small co-pay for low-income individuals needing help having their pit bulls and pit mixes fixed.
Paul’s Clinic has completed 5,514 surgeries for low-income individuals since it opened.
“Think how many puppies and kittens would have been born if those had not been fixed,” said founder Villa Mitchell. “We just completed a $23,170 PetSmart grant and fixed 515 free-roaming and owned cats that live within the city limits of McMinnville. That should help reduce the stray cat population in the city.”
Paul’s Clinic is now offering thimerosal-free (the mercury preservative is thimerosal) vaccines. The clinic follows the three-year vaccination protocol since no vet school in the U.S. any longer recommends annual vaccinations -- and that includes the rabies vaccination.  All vaccinations are $9.  
“We can also heartworm test dogs for $6 which is a good deal,” said Mitchell. “We carry Interceptor Plus at a very reasonable price.  Interceptor Plus is a heartworm preventative that also gets all intestinal worms. These services are for anyone wishing to use our clinic. The grants are only for individuals that qualify based on income.”
Paul’s Clinic surgery days are Wednesday and Thursday. The clinic is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Friday for all other services except rabies vaccinations. The vet has to be on premises for the rabies vaccinations.
Paul’s Clinic was just given a van and plan to start going into surrounding counties to pick up pets for people who can’t bring them to the clinic.  
“We would love to have a volunteer from each of the surrounding counties help coordinate this effort in their county,” said Mitchell. 
Anyone interested in helping should call the clinic at 668-2702.