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Park Theater to add seating
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Seating capacity is on its way up at Park Theater from approximately 377 to 497.
McMinnville officials are considering the purchase of 120 chairs for the mezzanine area on the first floor. Two bids were received, one from Moore’s Office Supplies for $9,156 and one from Garrett Technology Solutions for $12,910.
“I always thought chairs came with the links, and maybe they used to, but now you have to buy the brackets to lock them together,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. “That’s included in the price.”
The chairs will be inter-lockable when in use and stackable when they aren’t in use. City administrator Bill Brock requested chairs that can be locked together.
“The reason I asked Scott to make sure they lock together is because if you put loose chairs around they will be moved. If they have legs, they start walking. We don’t want to get into a fire marshal issue if they get placed in an aisle or something. If you lock them together, they won’t go anywhere,” Brock said.  
To match the 470 fixed seats already in the building, the chairs will have steel charcoal frames and burgundy fabric.
The information was presented to Parks and Recreation Committee members Ben Newman, Steve Harvey and Jimmy Bonner.
Newman questioned, “Do we want to go with these chairs rather than fold-up chairs?”
“These are more comfortable,” said Brock. “If you are sitting there an hour-and-a-half or more, you would want the chair to be comfortable.”
Mayor Jimmy Haley says the chairs with cushioning could be used with tables for dining.
Committee members unanimously voted to go with Moore’s Office Supplies.