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Park Theater balcony plans move forward
Phase two of the Park Theater renovation will focus on the balcony. Drawings for the new plans will be ready for official review Sept. 8.

Drawings of what Park Theater renovation phase two, the balcony, will look like will be ready for officials to review Sept. 8.
City administrator Bill Brock says he and AEI Architects, Engineers and Planners president Peter Metts toured the balcony a week ago and discussed what the city wants done.
“Peter said he would have something for the next board meeting,” said Brock. “I told him what I wanted was a drawing showing what it would look like and a cost estimate on what he felt like it would cost. We did add some things as alternates that we didn’t do in the auditorium renovation. You can pull them out if they are too expensive. He said he would have all that at the next board meeting.”
The information was presented during a Parks and Recreation Committee meeting with members Ben Newman, Steve Harvey and Jimmy Bonner.
During phase one of renovation, the balcony’s ceiling, walls, lighting, and heating and air was included.
Finishing touches remain, says Brock.
“We are down to redoing the floor, adding carpets and seats, painting some of the floor and a sound system with placing some speakers up there,” said Brock. “That is basically all that will be done to finish that.”
Newman asked if any adjustment needs to be made to the balcony railing to make it taller.
“The railing is OK,” said Brock. “There’s not a problem with that rail in that type of facility. At one time, there was going to be a glass partition but you really kill your view when you do that up there. We would like to leave it alone. We did find one problem with the projector. They hung it too low. About the last two rows of seats it gets into the view. He’s going to recommend it be raised up.”
A complete balcony is estimated to hold 191 seats. There are 377 fixed seats on the main floor and 120 chairs in the mezzanine area, bringing the total seating capacity to 688.
Officials placed $70,000 in Park Theater’s budget for fiscal year 2015-16 to complete the balcony.