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Owens sentenced for gunplay in apartments
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A man who shot up an apartment complex and then held the gun to the head of a woman will serve 180 days in jail.
The gunman, Christopher Glen Owens, 39, entered guilty pleas to two counts of aggravated assault and one count of aggravated burglary. He was ordered by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 180 days of a four-year sentence and has been sent for a mental evaluation and for an alcohol and drug assessment.
His jail sentences comes after he opened fire with a 380 handgun at Asbury Apartments. According to police investigator Tony Jenkins, he entered his ex-girlfriend’s apartment without permission and opened fire on the woman as she slept in her bed.
“He then fired two rounds with one round going over the head of the victim and one through the open door entering the next-door apartment,” the city investigator said in his felony warrants against Owens.
The gunman then went across the hall and kicked open the door of his neighbor’s apartment.
“He then fired a 380 caliber round at (the man), missing him and hitting the wall,” Jenkins said, noting the gunman then turned his attention to the woman. “He then held the gun to the head of the woman and stated, ‘Do you want some (expletive deleted).’”
The investigator said Owens tried to fire more shots but his gun malfunctioned, ending the shooting spree before anyone was injured. Jenkins noted the incident was sparked by a domestic dispute between him and his ex-girlfriend.