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Out-of-county students allowed by School Board
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Warren County’s borders have been reopened for the first time in years, although coming to the Nursery Capital will have its price.
School Board members have voted to allow out-of-county students to attend Warren County schools, but only on a very limited basis.
“This would only be if there were siblings already attending here,” said Director of Schools Dr. Jerry Hale of amending the 1998 policy which prevented any out-of-county student from attending schools here.
Similar policies are also used in surrounding counties since state law spells out students only have the right to attend schools in the counties in which they reside.
However, some issues have been created involving court orders when it comes to parenting plans, for example.
“Times have changed since the policy was set,” Dr. Hale said, noting a limited opening of the borders might be appropriate.
School Board members determined there would be no free ride for those crossing borders to go to school here. Instead, the board recommended a tuition be attached to any out-of-county student attending Warren County schools.
The suggested amount, which will be determined at a later date, was in the area of $2,000 per year. In addition to the tuition, at least one parent will be required to have a Warren County wheel tax sticker on his or her vehicle since the wheel tax is used to help fund school projects in Warren County.
Dr. Hale pointed out all Warren County residents are technically supposed to have a wheel tax sticker regardless of where they bought their vehicle. The voters of Warren County recently voted, by an overwhelming margin, to continue the wheel tax.