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Old Nashville Highway now county road
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Old Nashville Highway is no longer the state route to Woodbury. It has been turned over to Warren County and is now considered a county road.
The road is now Warren County’s responsibility for maintenance and upkeep. There won’t be much to do in the near future as TDOT resurfaced a 12.85-mile section in Warren County and Cannon County, from Spring Valley Road in McMinnville to near Billy West Road in Cannon County, in preparation for turning the road over to the county. The project cost $914,426.
According to TDOT spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn, it’s standard procedure to resurface a street before releasing it to the county.
“Before we release any road to be the responsibility of a county, we always get it in good shape so they won’t have to worry about resurfacing it for several years,” said Flynn.
At this point, mowing is a consideration.
“They did pave and it’s in pretty fair condition,” said Road Superintendent Levie Glenn. “I think there might be some mowing to do along the right of way. We’ll have to check on that.”
The county has yet to hear back from the state on naming the new four-lane to Woodbury after former state Sen. Jerry Cooper. County Commissioners passed a resolution in March and sent it to the Tennessee General Assembly for its consideration, a formality as the state almost always abides by the wishes of the local government.