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Old Morrison School still for sale
School system has no luck selling it
Morrison School
Old Morrison School
Anyone wanting to buy a used school is in luck as the Warren County Board of Education has voted to intensify its attempts to sell the old Morrison School before major work has to be done on the facility.“It’s getting to the point we will have to start doing maintenance on the building,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox in recommending the school be placed on the market again.Old Morrison School has been used primarily for storage since the new school replaced it three years ago. Cox said using the school for storage has actually cut the school system’s storage bill in half but looming maintenance costs would more than offset any savings the school has realized in using the building.According to maintenance director Donnie Caldwell, the school system is using 14 of the school’s 20 classrooms for storage. If the building were to be sold, the storage goods would have to be moved into another storage area.