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Officials try pie a la face
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Some people like their pie a la mode.
Yesterday at the Senior Center, several local officials decided to try their pie a la face.
“I feel like I’m getting ready to go to a meth lab,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny as he was getting wrapped in plastic in preparation for his pie.
Charlotte Huff was an eager volunteer to hit Matheny with the pie and made sure to rub it in after the initial splatter.
“Maybe I’ll roll her yard for this,” said Matheny while wiping pie from his face. I’m just glad it wasn’t a pecan pie. That might have hurt.”
Matheny was one of several local representatives who participated to raise money for the Senior Center. McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley, Police Chief Bryan Denton, Judge Bill Locke, and Senior Center director Cheryl Mingle also took pies to the face.
“Mine was delicious,” said Mingle. “It came rolling down my face and into my mouth.”
Denton was in agreement.
“I was expecting whipped cream and this was a regular chocolate pie. It was good,” said Denton. “I’m still licking it out of my mustache two hours later.”
Police officer Ben Cantrell got the privilege of hitting Denton with the pie, something he will likely remember for some time.
“I’ve had a couple of bosses I would have liked to have done that to,” said Denton. “I hope he got it out of his system.”
With a few pledges yet to arrive, the fundraiser is expected to generate $266 for the Senior Center.
“We seem to have the same, old fundraisers all the time, so this is something different we decided to try and it was a lot of fun,” said Mingle.