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North Chancery Street expected to be finished by mid-July
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While work on Morford Street has stopped, McMinnville officials have been presented with some good news about North Chancery Street.It has been a long process for such a short stretch of road, but the end is in sight, says city administrator David Rutherford.“I spoke with the engineer this morning,” Rutherford said. “You will have a bid to accept on June 14. They are anticipating a 30-day turnaround, at best.”“Is that from start or finish?” asked Vice Mayor Everett Brock.Rutherford responded, “Finish.”“So, 30 days from start to finish,” said Brock.To clarify what could have been disbelief or a failure to communicate, Rutherford added, “Thirty days from the 14th of June, when we meet, it will be paved.”The city is in the process of taking bids for the work after canceling its contract with Highways Inc.