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New sound systems cost not music to School Boards ears
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Some members of the Warren County Board of Education are not liking the sound when it comes to the price of the high school’s proposed new sound system.
“We need to do something soon or we’ll be doing another year like we’ve had,” said School Board member Jeff Lee during a discussion on the sound system. “It’s been an embarrassment for several years. We need to get it right.”
Up for debate is the sound system at Charlie Dalton Gym at Warren County High School. A new gym floor has been installed and will be ready for the start of school. School Board members hope the sound system, which they say has long been substandard in the gym, will also be ready.
While board members agree a new sound system is a must, the price of noise-buffering boards is a sticking point.
“That sounds really high,” School Board member Bill Zechman said of the low bid of $25,000. “It’d have to get a lot better.”
Maintenance director Donnie Caldwell pointed out there is a high price to pay for such equipment.
“They aren’t cheap,” said Caldwell, noting sound boards would help with the overall sound quality in the gym which has suffered through echoes and dead spots.
In the end, the School Board unanimously approved spending up to $76,425 for the complete sound system and sound boards. The amount is the price the low bidder has given the School Board for the job.
Director of Schools Bobby Cox said he would check into getting the contractor to lower the price for the boards given the sticker shock the School Board had with the initial asking price.