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New school, old theatre discussed
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The county’s new financial department, Park Theatre, Morrison School and Yurozu were all part of the discussion when the Joint Economic and Community Development Board met Wednesday.In county government, its new financial department is up and running. The department, under the 1981 Act, combined the financial departments of county government, school system and highway department.Warren County Executive John Pelham reported the department is running well with Friday the first pay day under the new systemCombining departments began a year go with vote of Warren County commissioners to institute the 81 Act. Since that time, a slow process has set up a new department, hired staff and transferred financial records to get the department operational by July 1, 2012.In city government, McMinnville Mayor Norman Rone says, among other things, the city is focusing on street paving, storm drainage, and the Park Theatre renovation project.When it comes to the Park Theatre, officials hired an architect to draw up construction plans for the building.