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Nelson faces felony assault for attacking another inmate
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A Warren County Jail inmate faces felony assault charges after he attacked another inmate the day before he was due to get out of jail.The alleged attacker, Billy Jack Nelson, is charged with aggravated assault for his surprise attack on fellow inmate Ryan Malone. According to Sheriff Jackie Matheny, Malone, who was in jail serving time for violation of probation, suffered a swollen jaw and had to have stitches for the attack at the hands of Nelson.Matheny said the attack happened while Malone was in the day room of B-Pod where inmates are allowed to walk and relax during their free time outside their jail cells. At some point, Nelson got out of his cell and jumped Malone.Contrary to rumors, Malone was not stabbed but instead was pummeled by Nelson’s fists, leaving him bleeding and in need of emergency medical treatment.