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Zoo hopes news gorillas will form 'troop' as in the wild
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CLEVELAND (AP) — Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has received two female gorillas from other zoos in an effort to create a new troop mirroring those in the wild.
Zoo officials say the females are 43-year-old Fredrika (fred-REEK'-uh) from Florida's Zoo Miami and 26-year-old Kebi Moya (KAY'-bee MOY'-uh) from Ohio's Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.
They two arrived several months ago and have bonded. They are now getting to know Mokolo (muh-KO'-low), the zoo's 30-year-old male silverback.
Zoo officials say the two females were selected based on their social experiences and behaviors to form a social group with Mokolo.
The zoo hopes to introduce the troop to the public in the coming weeks.