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Motlow event has international flavor
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Motlow State Community College held its annual International Day on Wednesday. The event offered food, fun and education for students.
“I think this is fun,” said Kimberly Dietrich, a first semester Motlow student who recently moved from California and transferred to Motlow. “We didn’t have anything like it at my other school. Some of the food is surprisingly good.”
The event is offered to give students an actual taste of life in other countries, as well as educate them about different cultures by having them fill out a passport as they visited each “country” to receive food samples.
Among the samples was Brazil with brigadeiros and black beans, Spain with chicken and rice, Italy with penne pasta, Ecuador with chimichurri sauce and lentil stew, Canada with cheese soup and butter tarts, United Kingdom with scones and biscuits, Germany with chocolate cake and America with broccoli casserole and S’mores dip.
Serving up Brazil’s delectable dish was Mariana Weiana, a native of Brazil who is studying in the United States and attending Warren County High School. She is living in Warren County with Motlow teacher Gregg Garrison and his wife.
“I will be here for a year,” said Weiana. “I like it. Everyone is friendly and I like the culture.”
Students were also asked to participate in a question scavenger hunt, with the answers located in the information given at each station about the country represented. Among the questions asked were:
1) Which country’s citizens drink more tea than any person of any other nation?
2) Which country has won the soccer world cup more than any other nation?
3) Which country levies no income tax or corporate tax?
4) Which country forms the lowest point on earth?
5) Which country invented the mop?
6) Which country introduced chocolate to the world?
7) Which country has a city that has more churches than houses?
Last year the event was geared more toward the entries competing against one another. 
“We wanted this year’s event to be more about the students and getting them to participate, which is why we offered them passports to fill out and a scavenger hunt,” said Melody Edmonds, director of the McMinnville Center. “It’s going really well. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.”
For those who are wondering, the answers to the questions are: 1) United Kingdom, 2) Brazil, 3) Bahamas, 4) Jordan, 5) Spain, 6) Mexico, 7) Canada.