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Mother, baby survive crash
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A mother and child escaped serious injury Monday afternoon when the mother wrapped her car around a tree on Crisp Springs Road, the impact throwing her clear of the wreckage.
The mother, Carly Blankenship, 23, was treated at River Park Hospital along with her 3-month-old daughter, neither of whom were seriously injured. The driver was charged with reckless driving and reckless endangerment.
According to Highway Patrolman Gary Myers, the wreck happened as Blankenship was traveling north on Crisp Springs and lost control while traveling at high speeds. Her vehicle went several hundred feet out of control before running into a culvert. The car then went airborne before it struck a stone pillar, a fence, and two trees, the car wrapping around the second tree on its passenger side.
The mother was ejected through the front windshield while the baby, who was restrained in a child seat, remained in the vehicle and suffered only superficial injuries. The force of the impact sprayed the content of the car into the tree it hit, including a stroller which was thrown out and caught by the upper branches.
Investigators say speed was a factor in the crash.