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Morrison students donate bags of toys
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Morrison Elementary fourth-graders decided to give toys to other girls and boys instead of exchanging gifts with each other.
Students in the classes of April Murphy and Tisha McClure donated two large bags of toys to the Warren County Rescue Squad.
When asked why they decided to give toys to others instead getting a toy themselves, student Sydney Burkes said, “A lot of kids don’t get gifts and we want to give and make their Christmas better.”
Jasmine Dillabaugh said, “Because we get gifts on Christmas and they don’t.”
Will Hyder said, ”We get lots of gifts for Christmas every Christmas and the only gifts they get from anyone is the ones they get from the Rescue Squad.”
Teacher April Murphy said, “Both classes voted whether they wanted to exchange with each other or give to the Rescue Squad. The students wanted to give to the Rescue Squad. I am proud of them. We have to teach service projects as a state performance indicator this year and this counts as a service project but they were very excited to give to others.”
The Rescue Squad is having its toy distribution Saturday.