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Morrison School may be done before Dibrell
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With Morrison School nearing completion, members of the School Board are marveling the project may reach completion before the Dibrell School addition is finalized.
“The Dibrell contractors will have a lot of egg on their face if Morrison is finished first,” said School Board member Scott Holmes upon learning Morrison is now 89 percent complete.
Paul McCall of Red Chair Architects told the board substantial completion of Morrison School is expected by July 10, leaving just enough time to move in and have the school ready for opening day in early August.
The same had been hoped for Dibrell School last year. However, the school still remains incomplete although it has been in use since late last year.
“The interior looks great. It’s just some little things that need completion outside,” Holmes said of the Dibrell addition, noting that while the work was way behind, the quality of work seems good.
One concern, however, was the malfunction of alarms at Dibrell School which have reportedly failed to work consistently since the addition opened. School Board member Jeff Lee expressed concern, noting if the company in charge of installing and maintaining the alarm could not get it right after an entire school year, then perhaps the same company does not need to be used with the Morrison alarms.
The board was assured the Dibrell alarm problem is being addressed.