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More drugs smuggled in body cavity
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Just a week after another woman was caught smuggling contraband into Warren County Jail hidden inside her body, a new inmate has been hit with similar charges after she was caught with drugs and scissors in her rump.The woman, Jennifer Nicole Bouldin, 38, was charged with introduction of drugs and weapons into the county jail after the discovery was made by corrections officers who were booking her into the general population.The discovery was made when Bouldin came to the jail to turn herself in to begin serving jail time on an unrelated matter. However, at the time of booking, corrections officers were tipped Bouldin was trying to smuggle contraband into the jail.Given the information, corrections officer Anita Youngblood advised Bouldin to come clean if she had anything on her.“I advised her that if she had anything on her person or in her person, it was in her best interest to turn it over,” Youngblood said in her warrants against Bouldin. “She advised she had tobacco, 50 Percocet, 20 Buspar and five Xanax” in her rear end.The pack was removed from Bouldin’s body cavity and a large amount of items were found.