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Mitchell works to save horse after accident
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When local animal advocate, horse trainer and riding enthusiast Amy Mitchell was informed a horse in the Hennessee Bridge Road area was hit by a truck and severely injured on Tuesday, Nov. 14, she initially felt the animal would need be euthanized to alleviate its suffering.But on arriving at the accident scene, she found the horse shaken, obviously in shock, but still standing and receptive to being led and handled despite its major injuries.“I got a phone call Wednesday morning and they were telling me the horse had been hit and had substantial injuries,” said Mitchell. “I was even told his right eye was hanging out of its socket, and that the owners would not claim the horse. They came out and looked at him and said, ‘Oh, that’s not our horse,’ and went back home.”Mitchell says she knows the names of the people who own the horse, and even knows who sold it to them.