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Mischief-free Halloween
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The spooks were out Halloween night, but they left their mischief at home.
According to McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton, there were no problems around the city on Halloween night.
“I talked to my shift commander and to the 911 center and they said it’s the quietest Halloween they can remember,” said Denton, who added he did some investigating himself Thursday morning. “I drove around the city into all the main residential areas and I only saw one yard that had been rolled.”
The Civic Center area was a hotbed of activity as Denton estimated around 3,000 people went trick-or-treating in that part of town. Seth Wright lives near the Civic Center and says he had 542 trick-or-treaters visit his house.
“When you move to the city, you have to pay city taxes and have a much larger Halloween budget,” said Wright, who spent over $150 on candy.
Westwood resident Kristie Sanders had so many visitors she ran out of candy.
“I had to raid my cabinets,” said Sanders, who was handing out oatmeal cream pies.
Fellow Westwood resident Shannon Haston said she lost count of the number of trick-or-treaters who visited her house.
“They would come in waves of 15 to 20,” said Haston. “The girls got tired of handing out candy,” she said of her teen daughter, Madeline, and several of her friends who were visiting.