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Miracle puppy survives severe injuries
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An outcry of support is surrounding a puppy that was found walking on its hind legs due to serious injuries to both front legs. She has been named Miracle Baylie.
“I had a gentleman come in with a puppy” said Animal Control officer Kim Pettrey. “He said she has no hands. She needs help.”
The dog, a German Shepherd mix approximately 9-12 months old, was taken to Dr. Sam Young’s office.
“I thought the injury was caused by a trap,” said Pettrey. “Dr. Young said dogs don’t get both legs caught. He thought it was a hay cutter and the injuries were about a week old.”
Miracle’s surgery in an attempt to save her legs was done Tuesday. During an X-ray and surgery, Dr. Young found metal fragments in both legs indicative of a gunshot.
“When it first came in, it looked like it had gotten caught in a hay rake,” said Kathy Clendenon, Young’s veterinary tech. “We’ve seen injuries like that before. When we X-rayed her, we found both front legs had a massive amount of buckshot. She was definitely shot.”
The vet also found the front left leg was broken, but the paw was intact and it was reset. The right leg’s paw was completely missing and extra skin from the leg was used to close the wound.
“We don’t think the gunshot removed the paw,” said Clendenon. “It could have gotten hung on something. We just don’t know.”
Miracle Baylie is a fighter. Despite her injuries, she walked upright on her hind legs into the man’s yard and again at the vet’s office.
“She was walking upright on her hind legs,” said Clendenon. “She’s a very sweet dog. Today, she is following us around wagging her tail.”
Pictures and information were sent to Jamie Wheeler, the owner and operator of Kastaway Kitties, who placed them on the her Facebook page. The page is called Sad Eyes Urgent Rescues and is dedicated to finding homes for animals brought into Warren County Animal Control.
Wheeler says the reaction was immediate.
“There have been so many people calling about her,” she said. “I had inquiries as far away as Italy. It is awesome she survived. It’s just amazing. It broke my heart to see her walk on her hind legs. She’s a fighter, that’s for sure.”
Along with a few donations pledged to help pay the dog’s medical expenses, one lady has offered to send Miracle an orthopedic bed for dogs. Panda Paws Rescue has offered to supply her with a prosthetic leg made by Ortho Pets.
Animals from Animal Control have been placed on Sad Eyes Urgent Rescues for several months in the hope of finding as many homes as possible.
“When Baylie is well, we will place her into an experienced foster home that has dealt with handicapped dogs,” said Wheeler. “She will eventually be placed in an adoptive home.”
Pettrey says the only problem facing Miracle at this time is paying the medical bill associated with her care.
“We don’t have the finances for her care in our budget,” she said. “If anyone would like to donate to her care, it would be appreciated.”
Donations toward Miracle’s medical care can be made at the “ChipIn” link on the Sad Eyes Urgent Rescues Facebook page, Paypal direct to the email address, or mail the payment to Sad Eyes Urgent Rescues, P.O. Box 914 McMinnville, Tenn., 37111.
Updates about Miracle Baylie can be obtained from the Sad Eyes Urgent Rescues Facebook page or by calling Warren County Animal Control at 507-3647.
The incident is being investigated by the Warren County Sheriff’s Department.