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Meeting set Tuesday for illegal carport discussion
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McMinnville Planning Commission members will be meeting Tuesday at noon to decide what should be done about illegally placed carports.Members have two options: 1) Change the current code making some of them legal; 2) Send notices to approximately 40 property owners notifying them they are in violation of city code and their carports must be moved.Commission members began considering the carport placement situation two months ago when they were informed by city codes enforcer Josh Baker that more than 40 carports have been illegally placed. The discussion was tabled in August and September.If the code is changed, an aerial map that was done in 2010 by the Tennessee Property Assessor will be used to determine which of the 40 property owners will be grandfathered in, and which ones won’t.“I discussed the situation with the city’s legal counsel and he thought it would be OK to use the aerial image,” said Baker. “Basically, if we can tell it was there at the time, it’s fine.