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Medley to resign midterm as alderman
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McMinnville Alderman Junior Medley has confirmed rumors he is preparing to leave city government. His resignation prior to the November election will leave another vacancy for voters to fill.
“I am going to resign in August,” said Medley. “We are buying a house in Viola and will be moving there. I have to make a living.”
Medley says he has already informed city administrator David Rutherford, McMinnville Mayor Norman Rone, and the other aldermen of his intentions.
“For now, I’m a city resident, and it’s business as usual,” he said. “I’m going to continue to represent city residents to the best of my ability. I would like to get a few things done in the city before I leave. At least that way I can say I accomplished something.”
Medley says, along with budget discussions for fiscal year 2012-13, he would like the board to make a final decision on what to do regarding the Blue Building, Park Theatre renovation, and finding a new home for McMinnville Police Department.
According to election administrator Donna Smith, selecting Medley’s replacement will be in the city’s hands if he officially resigns after Aug. 6, or in the voters’ hands if he resigns earlier.
“There’s a kicker to him resigning in August,” said Smith. “Aug. 16 at noon is the deadline for people who are seeking full terms to turn in their qualifying papers. If he resigns 10 days before that, on Aug. 6, the vacancy would be placed on the ballot and voters will decide who fills that position for the remainder of his term.”
If Medley waits until after Aug. 6, the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen would get to hand pick someone to fill the vacancy, according to Smith.
“The timing of the resignation would determine where or not it was placed on the ballot,” she said. “If he waits until after Aug. 6, the board will get to select someone.”
When asked if he knew an exact date of which his seat will be vacant, Medley says he will resign well within the time required for his vacancy to be placed on the ballot.
“I would like to allow voters to decide who fills my spot,” he said. “The state requires 20 days. Warren County requires 10. I will be out in the 20-day requirement just to make sure it goes on the ballot.”
When questioned about speculation some board members are urging him to hold off on his resignation so they can hand select someone to fill his seat, Medley would not confirm the rumors.