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McBride jailed for trashing apartment, trash talking police
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A man who trash talked police after trashing his ex-girlfriend’s apartment has been given a five-month sentence.
The man, Chad Dylan McBride, 31, was sentenced by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 150 days of a three-year sentence. However, he will be allowed to do part of his time in rehab at the Tony Rice Clinic. In the meantime he has been warned to stay away from the victim and must serve his jail time from Circuit Court along with his violation of probation time from General Sessions Court.
His charges come after lawmen were called to McBride’s ex-girlfriend’s home where the defendant had destroyed property.
“She said he started yelling at her and trashed her apartment,” recalled McMinnville patrolman Justin Shrum. “The apartment was in complete disarray with broken furniture all over.”
McBride claimed he went into a rage and broke the furniture in order to keep himself from hurting his ex-girlfriend.
When police arrived they were told he was hiding in another apartment. Upon being let into the apartment, police found McBride.
“We found him hiding under a bed when we flipped the mattress,” Shrum said, noting police had to wrestle him out when he would not come along peacefully. After being taken into custody, McBride claimed police were weak.
“All ya’ll are weak. It took five of you (expletive deleted) to get one man down. If ya’ll didn’t have those tasers y’all would have had a bad day,” McBride said in his statement to police, noting he intended to flee the state.
In a more subdued statement to police later, McBride said he had been using meth all night long the night before the incident and had awoken covered in sweat. McBride said he intended to fix the things he had broken during his rage. However, police pointed out the woman had red marks on her neck suggesting McBride had done more than break furniture.