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May shoots man while searching for his wife
He gets six-year sentence
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A man has been given six years for kicking down a door and shooting a man while he was looking for his wife.
The defendant, James Edward May, 42, entered guilty pleas before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to charges of aggravated assault. He was given a six-year sentence that will be served in addition to time he owes in federal prison on other charges.
May was given the six years for shooting Leonard Stembridge in the shoulder after breaking into his home on Brown Prater Road. The victim was shot once after May kicked in his door and forced his way into a rear bedroom where Stembridge and his brother had taken refuge. Prosecutors say May not only shot Stembridge but also threatened the victim’s brother with the 22-caliber handgun he was brandishing.
The shooting came during May’s search for his wife. Before the shooting, May had rammed another car thinking his wife was in the vehicle. His wife, who had an order of protection against him, was in another state at the time May’s rampage was happening here.
May was caught by sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter after he spotted him by a trailer on Swoap Road days following the shooting. Carpenter said he found the gun used in the earlier shooting on the ground beside May when he caught him. Since May was a convicted felon at the time, federal charges were brought for possession of the weapon.