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Martin cuts river escape attempt short
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A fugitive who tried to avoid capture by jumping into the cold river waters at Shellsford had a change of heart midstream, surrendering himself to lawmen when he figured out officers had him surrounded.The fugitive, Bradley Dewayne Martin, 32, is charged with numerous counts for a couple of brushes with the law including resisting arrest, reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, burglary and possession of drugs.His issues began nine days before his river capture when he refused to pull over for lawmen on Old Rock Island Road. On that day, Sheriff’s Investigator Steven Carpenter said he got in behind Martin’s Toyota but the fugitive accelerated.“He was traveling at an excessive speed endangering the lives of every person on the road as well as his own life,” Carpenter said in his reckless endangerment warrant.The car Martin was driving was found at his brother’s house at nearby Hennessee Bridge Road after he temporarily gave officers the slip. Martin then bolted out the back of his brother’s trailer when lawmen arrived, dropping three grams of marijuana and some drug paraphernalia in his haste to get away.Martin stayed at large for nine days until he was spotted in a car near Shellsford Bridge.“I saw him jump out of the passenger side of a vehicle and flee on foot,” recalled Sheriff’s Investigator Jody Cavanaugh from his perch atop Shellsford Bridge.It was from there lawmen chased Martin down the river bank and into the cold river water.