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Man tries dead body diversion
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A man who called 911 to report he found a dead body has been hit with a mountain of charges for a day-long crime spree, which included him leading lawmen on a high-speed chase with a child in his car.
The suspect, Christopher Steven Higgins, 34, is charged with evading arrest, reckless endangerment, assault, driving on a suspended license, and fabrication of evidence.
His charges come after a series of events which began when he allegedly showed up with his girlfriend at her ex-boyfriend’s house.
The victim said the woman, Lindsey D. Davis, hit him several times before Higgins joined in, striking him in the head with his knee. The victim told authorities the pair then got into their car and left.
Deputies ran upon Higgins’ vehicle as they were responding to the assault incident. Officers turned around and tried to pull him over. However, Higgins refused to stop, accelerating to over 100 mph in his attempt to evade apprehension.
Given the threat to the public, officers halted their chase after getting a description of the vehicle. They would later find out that in addition to his girlfriend, there was a young child under the age of 10 in the vehicle while he was fleeing lawmen.
Authorities were still in the area looking for Higgins just a half hour later when a call came in claiming a body had been found at a location off Short Mountain Road. The call prompted some of the officers still looking for Higgins to go to the scene of the alleged body, thereby creating a diversion.
Officers were able to learn a short time later the call had been made on Davis’ cellphone. Both were charged for their roles in the chase and hoax.