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Man jailed for lying about knife injury
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A man who cut himself and then claimed he was attacked has been given two months in jail and has been ordered to go for a mental evaluation.
The man, Thomas J. Sims, 30, entered a guilty plea before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to the charge of making a false report to an officer. He was ordered to serve 60 days of a three-year sentence and must perform 40 hours public service work.
He was charged after police were sent to his house to investigate a stabbing.
“He said he went outside and was attacked and cut on the face by a white male wearing a dark-colored T-shirt who ran toward Walmart,” said McMinnville policeman Joseph Vanbommell.
His claim prompted several officers to search the area for the suspect. It was during that time, police were also looking at evidence at the scene and realized the man’s story wasn’t adding up. Specifically, it appeared that whatever assault happened occurred inside the house. That led to further questioning of Sims, who eventually admitted to injuring himself.
“He admitted he had, in fact, took a knife and cut his own face,” said Vanbommell, noting his girlfriend initially supported the story before changing her mind.
“She admitted her boyfriend had taken a knife and cut his own face and she had made up the story to cover for him,” Vanbommell said.
Sims was treated at River Park for his injuries. It is not known why he cut himself and then claimed he was assaulted. Since an investigation happened as result of the false story, the charge is a felony.
The girlfriend, Lisa Lambert, was also charged. She entered an earlier plea and was given a two-year judicial diversion for her part in supporting the false story.