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Man busted for trying to smash police car
cop light
Police arrest a man who attacked police car.

A man who wanted a jail cell for the night got his wish after he threatened to smash a policeman’s windshield when he didn’t immediately get his wish.
The man, Gregory B. Bray entered a guilty plea during arraignment before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to the charge of attempted vandalism. He was given a six-month probationary sentence and released from jail on time served. He was granted a judicial diversion meaning he can have his criminal record erased if he gets in no more trouble during his time on probation.
His cross with the law came when he approached McMinnville Police Officer Joseph Vanbommel who was at police headquarters.
“He stated he wanted a cell for the night as he had stolen $2,000 worth of merchandise from Walmart in the past,” Vanbommel recalled of this suspect’s claim. “I told him that he could not be charged with anything as there was no report filed and no evidence of the crime.”
The officer said Bray mumbled something about “figuring something out” before he walked off from the officer.
It was about a half-hour later that Bray returned, this time with something in his hand.
“He returned and started walking toward a patrol car with an extended baton and stating he was going to smash out the patrol car windows,” Vanbommel said.
The policeman had other ideas as he issued a strict warning to the baton-wielding man.
“I warned him to stop or he would be tased,” Vanbommel recalled. “At that time he dropped the baton on the ground when he was within five feet of the patrol car.”