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Mad at mom, man wrecks car on purpose
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A kamikaze driver who admitted to intentionally slamming into a parked car with his family in the vehicle has been hit with felony assault charges.The suspect, Christopher J. Holton, 40, has been charged with aggravated domestic assault, DUI and possession of a weapon. He will face hearing Dec. 1, at which time the findings of a mental evaluation will be heard.Holton readily admitted to police he intentionally slammed his truck into a Mustang parked on Gessler Circle, just off Spring Street, when they arrived to investigate. The incident happened after an argument with his mother who was a passenger, along with his sister, in the vehicle he was driving.“He stated he had been arguing with his mother and became upset because she only cared about his money,” McMinnville police officer Joseph VanBommel said, noting Holton also admitted to being intoxicated.