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Lucky CIC offers third annual Trail of Fears
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Individuals looking for a scare this Halloween can count themselves lucky, or at least fortunate Lucky CIC members are offering their third annual Trail of Fears Haunted Forest.
The scares will begin Oct. 22 and continue Oct. 28 and 29. Cost for admission will be $10.
Rumor had it the organization would not hold the popular event this year. During a called Lucky CIC meeting Thursday night, Lucky CIC president Jonathan Womack proved that talk was within two people of becoming true.
“We have to have a certain number of people committed to this, or we can’t do it,” he said. “I know what that number is and I need to know if we have the dedication to pull this off another year.”
After asking for a show of hands, the individuals who wanted to volunteer to work the event were counted. Various lists were also generated about who wanted to work the trail, concessions, drive vehicles, and hand out flyers.
“I know what that number is and I just need to know if we have enough,” Womack said. “If we don’t, we won’t hold the Trail of Fears this year. Could we have the count please.”
A total of 37 people offered to dedicate themselves to working all three nights.
“We needed 36,” said Womack.
A second show of hands, this time of CIC members, voted to hold the third annual event. One member voted against it.
“We’re a democracy, so we will be holding Trail of Fears 2011,” said Womack.
Volunteers will begin construction of the trail, with more details to be released later. Participants are bused to and from the wooded area. The walking trail takes more than 20 minutes from beginning to end. Last year’s trail featured a cemetery that had been disturbed, which unleashed troubled spirits into the woods.
The cost for admission increased from $7 to $10. Womack says the jump was not something they wanted to do. Instead, it was out of necessity to keep offering the event.
“Our insurance doubled,” he said. “We didn’t want to go up to $10, but we had to in order to make a profit. I hope people come out and continue to support us so we can continue to offer the Trail of Fears.”
If anyone would like to be a volunteer to help, please call Womack at 409-7151 or Louise Maier 212-5175. Trail of Fears Haunted Forest can also be found on Facebook.